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Our new church photo directory will help us get to know each other as real people, building even greater connections and community.



The directory will include photos of individuals, families, groups and staff. We've started booking appointments for photos, please call 905-436-0011 or email the office - today to reserve the time and date that best suits you.

As people get to know you like family they can pray for you, encourage you, and it makes it easier to show love to one another.  

Key features and answers to frequently asked questions:

  • Security

    • The directory is password protected and only available to members of our church family. Access is never shared and cookies are not used to track behavior or target advertising. All data is encrypted using SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), communication between your device and directory servers is encrypted and private. All data transmission and storage is encrypted.
  • Your data 

    • You control your information and decide what you want to share. You can add/change/delete info at any time, and change your password at any time to maintain your security.
  • Groups

    • There is a groups section which will explain how to get involved in each group and what they do.
  • Prayer Requests

    • There is a prayer request section that the office will update
  • New-Comers

    • There is a new-comers section
  • The Photos

    • Directory photos are being professionally taken by Steve Nelson and there is no cost to you. Please call 905-436-0011 or email the office -  today to book your photo appointment time. 
    • If you would like your directory photo/s professionally printed for your home, our photographer Steve Nelson is offering special pricing. 
      • 8x10 $15.00
      • 5x7 $7.00
    • You can view some of Steve’s family portraits on his website at If you would like to book a family portrait session or inquire about pricing, just fill out the form on the contact page of his website. 
    • Dressing for Photo Shoot
      • Simply dress as you would for family photos that you want to display at home.  
    • Call 905-436-0011 today or email the office -  to book an appointment for directory photos.
    • If you can't arrange a family photo time with your family over the next couple months, email your pre-existing photos into the office with the names of everyone, and if possible individual family member photos. Basically looking for waist up posed photos less than 9 mb in size, and yes we can crop them to the required square shape.

Test drive a Directory Demo (mobile or desktop ) Below

Username: demo
Password: grace