Other CFS Details 

Voucher Program

The voucher program provides assistance to community members experiencing financial difficulties. Vouchers are provided for clothing, furniture, household items (to be used in the Thrift Store), transportation (local and out-of-town), rent, and utilities up to a maximum of $100 per individual/family. In 2012 our voucher budget was increased to $1200 per month. Opportunity for spiritual counselling and prayer is offered when discussing the individual's situation.


The program is in operation for people who are unable to handle their own finances. The majority of them are on either Ontario Disability or CPP Disability. They receive their cash on a regular basis through the trustee's office and opportunity is taken to assist them with budgeting and other concerns they may have. We pay their rent as well as utility bills from their funds as well.

We also offer this program young people 15 - 17 years of age who are referred from Ontario Works whose monthly cheques come to The Salvation Army to cash for them.

Spirituality of Knitting 

Provide a safe place to discuss not only the components of knitting practice but a place of living community where persons can emerge from isolation.

The Community Garden

An area of land divided into 20 plots (5'x15') available to individuals, families and local agencies to grow their own vegetables. The Salvation Army provides the land, equipment, seeds and plants while the participants provide the Tender Loving Care. Volunteer participants are available to provide education and training if needed. There is a $20.00 fee for all materials and maintenance that are provided.

(EDS) Emergency Disaster Services

Canteen Vehicle available on a 24/7 basis to respond to emergencies in Oshawa. This is on an as-needed basis. Calls are originated by Police or Fire Departments or Durham region Emergency Disaster Services office. Calls are handled by Director of Community & Family Services and forwarded to EDS Coordinator. Director also handles calls from Whitby and Bowmanville with forwards to respective offices. Upkeep of vehicle and preparation of food and supplies are the responsibility of EDS coordinator. We provide refreshments as needed to First Responders and Victims of emergencies. This can range from a cereal bar and cup of coffee to a hot meal.

(MOP) Mobile Outreach Project

Feeding plan for homeless in Oshawa. Our canteen vehicle visits Memorial Park in downtown Oshawa every Tuesday 6-7pm providing dinner.