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       Sunday, August 11th, 2019

                                           We believe that giving back to God
                                           is  an  important  part  of  faith  and
                                           worship.  Everything  we  do  as  a
                                           church  is  only  made  possible
      We’re  so  glad  you  chose  to  be   through  the  generosity  of  people
      with  us  today!  Here’s  some       like  you.  You  can  give  during  the
                                           offering  or  sign  up  for  automatic
      information  on  what  to  expect
      during today’s service and how to    offering payments by contacting the
                                           church office.
      connect  with  us  later.  If  you’re
      visiting  with  us  today,  we  want   Finance Update:
      you to feel like part of the family.

                                           Monthly Contributions to Date:
                                           Monthly Budget:
      Majors David & April McNeilly are    $36,875.00
      away  this  morning.    Alexandria
      and  the  Day  Camp  staff  will  be

      leading  us  in  worship.  In  the
      message  we  will  be  focusing  on

      what it means to have faith like a
      child. Remembering that we need
      to  learn  to  trust  God  simply,
      believing that he is able to do so
      much  more  than  we  could  ever
      dream or imagine.

                 Our Mission
       “To share the love of Jesus, help those in
       need, and be a transforming influence in
               our communities.”
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