Page 5 - Bulletin - August 11th, 2019
P. 5

If you have very young children, we have a Toddler & Nursery room staffed by
        a professional childcare worker for children newborn to SK.  Victoria will be
             happy to welcome your child(ren) before or during the service.
         We have a children’s program for elementary and middle school children
                (ages 3-grade 7) that starts part way through the service.
                         An usher will be happy to assist you.

           Construction has begun in the building and is expected to last for 8
          weeks.  Construction is currently taking place in the north corridor as
                   well as the foyer and will be completed in stages.
           Construction will include changing some floors, painting walls, and a
                couple of walls will be removed to open up some spaces.

                       Please use caution when in the building.

           The Songster room is being used as a storage site for equipment and
           supplies.  Please do not enter the Songster room until further notice.

            Please be in touch with the office should you have any questions!
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