Page 3 - Bulletin - August 18th, 2019
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ORDER OF SERVICE                           COMING UP THIS WEEK
                     Welcome                    Tuesday
                Song #8 “God is Love”           NOTE:  Tuesday Men’s Fellowship
                      Offering                  Breakfast at Tim Horton’s has
                    Prayer Time                 finished officially until September,
                                                but some are still meeting.  Please
          Song #30 “He Giveth More Grace”
                                                see Major Ken Ritson for more
                   Band Selection               details!
            Song #29 “As High as the Sky”       Sunday
               Special Announcement
                                                10:30am  Worship Service;
                   Worship Songs:               Sunday School
          #32 “How Deep the Father’s Love”
              #573 “Be Thou My Vision”
        Reflection Song #32 “How Deep the ..”
          Closing Song #861 “In Christ Alone”


                                   More information about events, opportunities, and
                                   other news can be found online at www.oshawa-
                          or on our Facebook page: @saoshawa.
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