Page 5 - Bulletin - August 18th, 2019
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If you have very young children, we have a Toddler & Nursery room staffed by
        a professional childcare worker for children newborn to SK.  Victoria will be
             happy to welcome your child(ren) before or during the service.
         We have a children’s program for elementary and middle school children
                (ages 3-grade 7) that starts part way through the service.
                         An usher will be happy to assist you.

           UPDATE:  Construction will be commencing this week in the south
                      corridor.  Please do not use the back door.

                       Please use caution when in the building.

                   Contact the  office should you have any questions!

            Flowers in the sanctuary have been placed in loving memory of
           Mrs. Fern Munns by her husband, Ted Munns.  Fern passed away
                               on August 15 , 2015.
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