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      Our youth ministry is for 8th -12th grade students. We offer a
      number of ministries for high school students and young   Jr. Youth Group
      adults that promote spiritual growth and community.    Jr.  Youth  Group  is  held  on
      SUNDAY NIGHT                                     Friday  nights  from  6:00-
      Senior High Bible Study   Gr. 8-12  |  6:30-8:30pm   8pm.    The  first  JYG  of  the
      Young Adults —Grade 12+ l as announced           fall  is  on  September  20th
                                                       for grades JK-Grade 4!
      Other Events Monthly As Announced
      Shona Burditt (Director of Youth and Young Adults     Jr. High Night
      Ministries) wants to get to know you personally so she   New this year, Jr. High Night
      can walk alongside you in your journey of faith. Get in   will  be  held  every  Friday
      contact with her by emailing:                    night between 6-8pm!  The
                                                       first event will take place on
                                                       September  20th!    Bible
                                                       Study  will  be  included  in
                                                       this time.  Watch this space
       OSHAWA COMMUNITY &                              for more details!

             THRIFT STORE                              Sunday School
                                                       Nursery  Birth-3yrs
       Providing Help for the needy,                   Lil’ K Age 3-K
             Giving Courage to the weary,               Ready to Serve Gr 1-4
                    Renewing Hope for the lost.        Junior High Gr 5-7

      45 King Street E., Oshawa                   T. 905-723-7422


     Corps Officer/Pastor            
     Corps Officer/Pastor             
     Director of Community & Family Services
     Director of Youth and Young Adult Ministries
     Children’s Ministries Coordinator
     Administrative Coordinator               

                                                        570 Thornton Road North
                                                            Oshawa, ON L1J 6T6
                                                           Phone: 905-436-0011
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