Church Directory

The online directory has photos of individuals, families, groups and staff. If you don't have an account, call the office 905-436-0011 or email - 
  • Security

    • The directory is password protected and only available to members of our church family. Access is never shared and cookies are not used to track behavior or target advertising. All data is encrypted using SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), communication between your device and directory servers is encrypted and private. All data transmission and storage is encrypted.
  • Your data 

    • You control your information and decide what you want to share. You can add/change/delete info at any time, and change your password at any time to maintain your security.
  • Groups

    • There is a groups section which will explain how to get involved in each group and what they do.
  • Monthly Calendar and Weekly Bulletins

    • There is a monthly calendar and weekly bulletins with prayer requests accessible in the groups section
  • New-Comers

    • There is a new-comers section in the groups section
  • The Photos

    • Call 905-436-0011 today or email the office -  to add or update your photo (cell phone shots work fine) with the names of everyone, and if possible individual family member photos. Waist up posed photos are best.