Officers, Pastors & People: Our Officers / Pastors


Ron & Toni Cartmell

Majors Ron and Toni Cartmell have been officers/pastors  for 35 years and have served in congregational and administrative roles within The Salvation Army. New to our church since 2018, we are thrilled to have them pastoring our church.

Their personal values are:

  • To Seek After God
  • To be  Available to God
  • To be Passionate for God
  • To be Dependent on God

The Cartmell’s understand the essential practices of the church to be Worship, Prayer, God’s Word and Hospitality.  Worship that realigns our focus and points us towards God;  prayer practices that become  a part of community and are more than just monologue;  an understanding of God’s Word that guides our daily living; and Hospitality that invites others into our hearts, our lives and our community so that they might experience the transforming power of Jesus.

Their leadership style is shaped by the principle of Mutuality―in that God is present in every encounter we have with another person so that if we are open to the Spirit, we become the recipient of gift as well as the giver. Leadership is about listening and empowering others to use their Spiritual Gifts and abilities.

The Cartmell’s are lifelong learners, and Toni is passionate about prayer, spiritual formation and ministry to children. Ron’s passion is in congregational health and revitalization and strongly believes that Jesus will bring transformation to this world through the ministry of the local church.

Ron and Toni believe that their two greatest accomplishments are their daughter and son, who are both serving the Lord; Adriane as a newly commissioned Salvation Army officer/pastor and Kyle, who works as a therapy assistant. Adriane lives in London, Ontario, while Kyle and his wife Morgan live in Wetaskiwin, Alberta with Toni and Ron’s granddaughter Brooke. 

For hobbies, Toni enjoys reading, taking pictures and other forms of artistic expressions. Ron attempts to play golf and enjoys following the Blue Jays and both CFL and NFL football.  They enjoy cooking and baking together, going for walks and bike rides as well as kayaking.  They play Settlers of Catan and other games but Ron admits Toni wins 90% of the time!

Shona Burditt

Shona Burditt has been in full time youth and children’s ministry for 18 years and has been the director for Youth and Young Adult Ministries at Oshawa Temple since 2007. Shona grew up in Scotland and was an active member of the Salvation Army in Edinburgh up until she married Andrew and moved to Canada in 2000. She has two boys, Euan and Wilson, who keep her really busy! Her calling to youth and children’s ministries started back when she was a young teenager in Scotland and has grown through many different ministry opportunities over the years. She loves working with children, youth and their families, it is a privilege not taken for granted.  She feels blessed to call Oshawa Temple her family and looks forward to many more years of ministry here. 

Alexandria Gerard

Alexandria Gerard has been attending Oshawa Temple since 2000 – when she was just a year old. She has grown up at Oshawa Temple and feels blessed to have such a wonderful church family within the Corps. When she was old enough, Alexandria began to get involved in leading children’s programming at the Corps, allowing her to realize her love of working with children! This love of working with children has caused her to pursue a degree in Child and Youth Studies at Trent University Durham, where she is a full time student. Alexandria knows that God has put her in the role of Children’s Ministries Coordinator for a reason, and is excited for everything that He has planned for her, and for the wonderful children of the Corps and the surrounding community.